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Clean computer program from toolbars and malicious adware, ZHP Cleaner is a free application that helps you clean Internet browsers and the system from unwanted software and malicious toolbars, in addition to removing pop-up ads that appear randomly and annoying when browsing websites You can also remove browser hijackers software, so that hackers or hijackers manipulate Internet browser settings and change the home page to another page to refer users to an advertising site in order to earn money by forcing users to display ads on their browsers, a program ZHP Cleaner has a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, through which you can click on the Scanner button to perform a comprehensive scan of your Internet browsers and system, so that it quickly scans the Internet browser, scans the Windows Registry, as well as scans all Windows services. In addition to scanning Windows Explorer, it works to detect and remove all kinds of unwanted malware, adware files and toolbars. Ads that were previously installed on your Windows system and on your favorite Internet browser without your knowledge.

After the scan is completed, the program will display the number of detected malware. You can click on the Repair button to view and remove all unwanted malware from your browser and system. You can also click on the Report button to view and read a detailed text report about the number and type of malware. Malware that has been detected and removed from the computer, the program also tracks and removes (Remove) all unwanted malware remnants from the system, registry and hard disk, the program is stable and compatible with all Windows systems.

ZHPCleaner is one of the effective protection tools that enable you to combat browser hackers and detect and remove toolbars, annoying Adware ads and other unwanted malware, which are installed on web browsers invisibly away from users’ eyes, knowing that it It is very difficult to remove this malware without using some special utilities, such as the ZHP Cleaner tool, so if you recently noticed your browser slowdown, in addition to pop-up ads frequently appearing while browsing the Internet, then you have fallen victim to an adware malware (Adware), and to make sure of that, you can rely on the ZHP Cleaner program to detect and remove this type of unwanted software, in addition to removing adware that displays pop-up windows. The program is available in a portable version that does not require installation on the system and is suitable for all categories of users, as It is light and uses a very small amount of CPU and memory resources, you can now download ZHP Cleaner and use it on your computer to clean the system and browsers Internet of malware, toolbars and pop-up ads for free and for life.


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