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Zalo APK

Zalo is a messaging app with millions of users, especially from Southeast Asia. It offers stickers and emoticons for messages and even has the ability to find nearby people using the app. Easily create private groups with the ability to send voice messages with noise cancellation and other advanced features like encryption.

Zalo’s interface is easy to understand and has a modern look. Make free calls and SMS with this app as VoIP. You can also message your friends while you’re talking to them, which is a bonus. The split-screen functionality is also intuitive to understand and use. Many of the features are similar to those of WeChat with many unique ones too.

Zalo Messenger for people in Southeast Asia

Zalo Messenger comes in three different languages ​​with English, Vietnamese and Thai. Choose the language and register with your phone number. Originally this messenger was developed for the poor 3G connectivity in Vietnam and suited the slow internet there to support voice calls and media transfers over the internet. Read more about it.

Still, Zalo is only as good as your internet connection. Many people have complained that the quality of the calls is sometimes a bit low, even when using a high-speed connection. In Vietnam, Zalo has been the most downloaded mobile messaging app on Android and iOS for more than a year. The instant messaging app is popular in countries with a large Vietnamese population.

If you are in Vietnam, you can apply for a consumer loan service through Zalo Bank through the Zalo app. You can also get transport bookings and public transport information along with doctor appointment bookings. The app includes a news feed and local weather updates, useful for travelers.

Worried about your bills? Use the Zalo payment feature to pay for utilities. Or go shopping at the Zalo shop, where you can browse and buy popular consumer goods. Download the app now by clicking the download button. Let others know what you think of the app by rating it and commenting below.

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