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Yandex Browser

Safe and fast internet browsing program with attention to protecting users’ privacy, Yandex Browser is a free application that helps you to browse the internet anonymously and invisibly to maintain your privacy and the security of your personal data. You can browse and download quickly various pages of internet sites, as well as add and manage your favorite sites in organized lists to access them quickly, The browser was developed on the basis of the open source Chromium code in order to provide excellent browsing speed on the net. You can use the turbo mode to enable the browsing process in the case of a slow Internet connection. The browser protects your computer from viruses by warning you about malicious websites that affect the security of your computer. the system.

Yandex Browser has a clean and beautiful graphical interface that is very similar to the Google Chrome interface, in addition to the ability to control the degree of transparency of the browser window on the desktop, and you can change the browser background by choosing one of the default images or downloading a new image from your computer The browser places great emphasis on protecting your sensitive data by helping users to block or allow cookies for certain websites. You can also manage all the permissions first-hand on the Internet browser. You can also choose the incognito and private browsing mode that is It automatically clears browser history and cache files and clears all cookies immediately after closing the browser. You can also install various add-ons and extensions on the browser without affecting your internet browsing speed.

Yandex Internet Browser is also available on Android tablets, as well as on iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Yandex Browser is a stable and fast Internet browser based on the chromium nucleus and packed with a wide range of features, such as incognito browsing, full translation of web pages, saving the addresses of your favorite websites and accelerating the loading of web pages, as well as its availability on multiple attractive themes to change the appearance of The graphical user interface, the browser is characterized by its availability on the smart box, which allows users to enter and search for all web addresses through a dedicated dialog without the need to open a new tab, the browser is light on the system and consumes a small amount of processor resources and random memory You can now download Yandex Browser and use it on your computer for safe and fast browsing of websites for free and for life.


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