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Wise Disk Cleaner

Weiss Disk Cleaner is a free application that helps you clean the hard drive and improve the performance of your computer. You can clean your computer from Internet browser remnants and clear cookies to maintain privacy in surfing the Internet. You can also clean cached system remnants and clean the Windows registry from Remnants of programs, in addition to the possibility of performing the defragmentation process to speed up the computer, the Whis Disk Cleaner program has an attractive and easy-to-use interface, it comes with a set of basic cleaning tools through which it is possible to clean the entire computer quickly and effectively, so that you can clean the hard disk from temporary files and from Cache files to preserve the free space of the hard disk, you can also erase the traces of surfing the Internet and clear the traces of your use of various Windows applications that you leave behind at the system level, also you should know that during the process of deleting files from the hard disk, basically they are not actually deleted from the hard disk space For this, you can use the free Whisdisk Cleaner program to clean the hard disk from deleted files and delete them permanently, you can also schedule a time to clean the camp It activates automatically at pre-set times and times. The program also helps you to defragment the hard disk, so that you can defragment the files stored on the C disk in order to increase the speed of reading data that will increase the speed of your system performance for the better. .

It is worth noting that the constant use of the computer, installing programs and browsing the Internet, all of these processes leave residues on the hard disk that negatively affect the speed of the system, so you must clean the hard disk of these files to maintain the speed of your computer performance, you can always rely on the Wesdisk program CCleaner Free to scan the hard disk and detect all the remnants and delete them from the computer, also browsing the Internet constantly consumes a good amount of space from the hard disk, because of the browser’s cache system, which stores website files on the hard disk, you can scan and clean the hard disk of these unwanted files with a click one.

The process of maintaining and cleaning the computer is a very important process to maintain the efficiency of the device and maintain privacy, because there are some sites that track your movements and steps on the Internet by using cookies, you can rely on the Wise Disk Cleaner program to delete cookies and clear all the remnants of Internet browsing, as There is a portable and lightweight version of the program that you can download on a flash memory and use it to clean any other computer without installing it on the system. You can now download Wes Disk Cleaner and use it on your computer to clean the hard drive and system from debris for free and for life.


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