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A program to delete temporary files and speed up browsing, and a free application that helps you clear excess files from the computer and maintain its performance all the time, so that you can clear the temporary files of various active applications on Windows, as well as clear the cache, in addition to cleaning the device from Internet remnants by clearing Cookies and clear browsing history from links to websites that you browse on your computer, which leads to protecting your privacy and obtaining maximum confidentiality, so intruders will not be able to spy on you or record your activities, knowing that deleting unwanted files is considered A great thing that might free up free space on your C drive, especially for those people who have hard drives with limited and small storage capacity.

Web program has a very simple and easy-to-use interface, once you run it on your computer, it automatically scans the Windows system and detects all unnecessary files while showing the number of files that have been found. Clicking the Advanced screen button to move to an advanced screen through which you can learn more details about the number and type of unwanted files that have been detected on your device, so that the program detects all the remnants of Windows and programs installed on the computer, such as Internet browsers, file explorer, Microsoft Store and Cortana application You can click on any application to reveal the type of redundant files that will be erased from the computer, for example you can click on the Internet browser to reveal the number of temporary files, cookies, browser history, and the number of hidden files.

Wipe is one of the best free applications that focus on protecting privacy by removing unwanted files that are created while browsing the Internet or during permanent use of Windows programs, especially when we know that this residue can be used to track your activity and collect data for advertising purposes. In order to promote certain products and services, this tool comes to make your computer clean and special, the program supports changing the language of the user interface to several foreign languages, and you can also download updates via the Internet if a new version is available, you can also select the option to turn off the computer Automatically once the redundant files scanning process is completed, you can now download the WIP program and use it on your computer to delete unwanted temporary files and maintain privacy for free and for life.


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05/10/2022 04:27 PM
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