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The program to install and run Windows on a flash disk, Win to USB is a free application that helps you install the Windows operating system on a flash memory and also install and install Windows on all kinds of USB flash drives, you can install Windows on a flash memory in three simple steps and run the Windows system directly From the flash memory connected to the computer via USB ports (USB), the Windows to USB program has a simple and easy-to-use interface, through which you can select the copy of Windows file from the computer in ISO format, then you can choose and select the USB flash connected to the computer, So that the flash storage capacity must be sufficient to install Windows on it, so that the program begins to format and format the flash disk and install the Windows system inside it. If the Windows operating system crashes on the hard drive, then you can use the flash disk, turn on the computer, and recover and browse your important files.

The program also creates a special Windows system in your hands on the flash drive that you can run on any other computer, just adjust the BIOS settings to boot the system from the USB flash, or restart the computer with repeated pressing of the F12 key and choose to boot from the flash, and there are some modern computers Which automatically boots from flash memory without adjusting BIOS settings, the program is lightweight and compatible with the latest versions of Windows operating systems.

WinToUSB is one of the powerful and free solutions that provides all categories of users with an effective and easy-to-use tool for installing all versions of the Windows operating system on USB flash drives such as memory cards, flash memory and portable external hard drives. And to succeed in running the Windows system from the flash, so that when you turn on the computer, the Windows system will boot directly and automatically from the flash memory. Then the Windows operating system and all your important applications will be with you wherever you go. The program is a fast installer for Windows on the USB flash drive and consumes a small amount of processor resources and random access memory. You can now download the Win2 USB program and use it on your computer to install the system Windows on flash memory for free and for life.


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