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A firewall program against malware, Voodoo Shield is a free application that helps you protect your computer from viruses and malware threats by locking your computer and preventing untrusted programs and applications from running on the Windows system, which greatly contributes to protecting your computer from virus infection, as well. The program helps you to detect and prevent malicious programs that infiltrate the system and operate in secret, which keeps you away from computer hackers and keeps your data safe, especially after the widespread spread of suspicious applications across the Internet, so you should always download programs from trusted sources.

Voodoo Shield has a simple and easy-to-use interface, once installed on the device, it automatically takes a snapshot of the current programs that are running on the system in order to create a white list that includes all trusted Windows files and applications so that they are not prevented in the future, after that when trying to open And running any new programs on the computer, the protection shield will automatically prevent these programs from opening immediately, with a pop-up alert message on the screen, you can click on the alert message until the program is scanned and see if it is safe or unsafe, In addition to knowing whether it was signed electronically from trusted parties or that it is of unknown source, this is done by displaying a gradually colored bar from green to red with a black indicator in the middle. If this indicator is close to green, this confirms that the program is safe and you can allow it to run On the computer, by clicking on the Allow button For a permanent program on the computer, or you can transfer the program to a sandbox or sandbox and run it there safely, or you can isolate it in quarantine, which is always recommended.

The program also provides you with the ability to learn more details about the malicious programs that were prevented from running on the computer, such as knowing the type of viruses and malware that were discovered inside these untrusted programs that do not contain a digital signature.

Voodoo Shield is an effective protection tool that provides all categories of users with a reliable and strong protection shield against viruses, malware and other threats. It is specifically designed to prevent the operation of untrusted programs on computers. The program includes a list of It can detect all malicious software, viruses and spyware, and when you open any application or programs on the computer, it scans these programs very quickly and detects any potential threats. The program also protects the browser and prevents malicious programs that are downloaded from the Internet through malicious sites. Or infected with viruses, so that the program supports the protection of all the most common Internet browsers, you can also disable or activate the program at any time by clicking on the program icon with the left mouse button. Moving to the paid version, the program is light on the system and uses low processor resources, you can now download Voodoo Shield and use Its mother is on your computer to prevent malware from running and free and lifelong antivirus protection.


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