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An attractive and fast Internet browser program, Vivaldi is a free application that helps you browse the Internet in a new and convenient way. It also has a wide range of useful features and features in browsing websites on your computer. Also, the browser was built based on the Chromium engine and was equipped with many additional components and tools to meet all your needs. When you visit and browse your favorite websites and web pages, Vivaldi Browser has a very elegant and easy-to-use interface, through which you can browse various types of websites very quickly, and you can also open and organize many tabs and move between them with ease, and the browser also provides you with a packed side panel With several tools to improve the browsing experience of users, so that you can create a list to save the addresses of your favorite sites for quick access, as well as you can take notes, attach files and save them on the browser, in addition to opening the download manager and managing the list of all files you have downloaded from the Internet.

Vivaldi Browser also provides you with a Capture tool that helps you to capture website pages and save them on your computer in high-quality PNG or JPEG formats, or copy and save them directly to the clipboard, knowing that you can capture entire web pages or photograph a specific area on a page The web, moreover, the tool is very useful for imaging web pages and sharing them with friends over the internet. The program also allows you to control and adjust the size of web pages in multiple proportions in order to browse websites and read texts with ease.

Vivaldi Browser is one of the elegant internet browsers that offers you great fun in browsing websites thanks to the useful functions that it distinguishes from other browsers, as well as its tremendous speed in opening web pages while displaying the size of the web page and the number of HTTP requests that it makes. It is passed through the web server, you can also enter the browser settings and adjust many options, for example, you can set a start page and add one of your favorite websites that you work on a lot and when you open the browser every time your favorite website is automatically opened, you can also modify the appearance For the browser, as well as changing the appearance of the browser’s graphic interface to a set of themes, so that the program contains images of attractive backgrounds and themes that can be moved between them easily, in addition to that, you can control the placement of tabs on the browser and activate many options, the browser provides you with a search box that supports all types of Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The program also offers you protection from unreliable and malicious web pages that have been reported, as well as protecting privacy when browsing the Internet Also, when you are finished browsing the Internet, you can with one click delete browsing traces and clean the browser from cookies and links to sites you visited previously.

It is worth noting that the browser was developed by Vivaldi Technologies, which was founded by Opera, and the browser was built on the chromium nucleus, which is characterized by stability and rocket speed in surfing the Internet, as well as the integration of many wonderful features and additions in the browser to meet all tastes Users, Vivaldi is a new and reliable Internet browser with high technologies and compatible with the latest Windows operating systems, as it is stable and uses a moderate amount of processor resources, you can now download the Vivaldi program and use it on your computer to browse the Internet quickly and attractively for free and for life.


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