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The program to improve computer performance and speed up the system, Tweak Power is a free application that includes a wide range of functions and maintenance tools that help you speed up the device by cleaning the computer, repairing Windows and maintaining the registry from common errors, as well as deleting programs from their roots, in addition to creating a system restore point, as well as increasing The speed of Windows booting by controlling the list of startup programs, which makes you able to open the computer in record time, the program also helps you know the specifications of the computer and see all the details related to the hardware, such as the processor, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, etc., you can also improve Laptop battery performance and power options control. In addition, you can do a computer speed test and find out the test result, which is between 1.0 to 9.9, with an explanation of the type of parts or components that affect the speed of the computer.

Tweak Power provides you with many functions to maintain the performance of the hard drive all the time by defragmenting files, checking the integrity of the hard disk while fixing all problems that are found, in addition to analyzing the entire hard disk space and detecting files and folders that take up a large amount of space The hard disk, and most importantly, you can detect duplicate files stored on the hard disk or on the flash drive, such as photos, audio files and videos, the program also allows you to recover deleted files from the computer, and also offers you a tool to encrypt sensitive files with a strong password with a 256-bit encryption algorithm, Also, if you have large files and want to send them via e-mail to friends, in this case you can divide the files into several parts of the size you want with the possibility of collecting them again by the application.

There are some tools that make it easier for you to search the Windows registry and do many tasks, you can also make a backup copy of the registry and restore it when necessary in case you face any problems on the system in the future, you can also defragment the registry to increase the speed of Windows.

If we talk about privacy protection, sure, the Tweak Power program deals with this aspect, providing you with several tools to preserve your privacy by adjusting the privacy options on the Windows system well and thoughtfully, as it disables sending data related to your activity on the computer to Microsoft, in addition to disabling the mechanism for sending reports It also prevents websites from accessing your language menu, prevents applications from using your advertising ID, disables annoying instructions, ads and suggestions, disables screen recording, disables Windows Defender, prevents applications from accessing messages and devices connected to your computer, Prevent programs from accessing the Wi-Fi network, disable sync on the Internet browser, prevent the use of the webcam without your permission and many other things related to privacy.

TweakPower is one of the best computer accelerator programs ever, which has an organized main interface rich in useful maintenance functions, especially as it offers you the option to optimize Windows automatically with one click, in addition to the ability to stop some unnecessary Windows services running in the background And it is a possible reason for the slowness of the device, and the most beautiful of that is that you can improve the network in order to increase the speed of the Internet, especially for those people who need a fast and stable Internet connection to make a live broadcast on YouTube and Facebook or team play over the Internet, the program also provides a smart mechanism to improve the system And clean your internet browser automatically in order to keep your computer speed up all the time you work.

The most important features of TweakPower you should know

  • Clean the computer from the remnants of surfing the Internet and unwanted files.
  • Clean the registry from deleted programs and empty keys.
  • Maintain privacy on Windows.
  • Uninstall programs from the root.
  • Increase Windows boot speed.
  • Windows repair is one of the most common errors.
  • Create a system restore point.
  • Knowledge of computer and system specifications.
  • Improve the speed of computer performance.
  • Defragment files on the hard disk.
  • Defragment the registry.
  • Find duplicate files.
  • Hard disk error repair.
  • Split large files.
  • Encrypt files with a password.
  • Recover deleted files from computer.
  • Make a backup copy of the Windows registry.
  • Improve internet and browsing speed.
  • Windows Automated Maintenance.
  • Support changing the GUI language to Arabic.


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