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Truecaller APK

Truecaller is a free call management application that shows who is calling your number. This android app helps to identify incoming caller id in case you don’t have that number saved in your local phone book. Truecaller has built a reputation as the most trusted caller ID app around the world.

If you run a business or get a lot of calls from different numbers, Truecaller is your number one choice. For a regular user, it serves as protection against spam calls and to block unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

Thanks to the application, which supports mobile, landline and prepaid phone numbers, you can manage all incoming calls. You can see who called you before answering calls on your phone. Also, prevent unwanted calls by using a list of spam numbers.

Truecaller only allows either Facebook, Yahoo! or Gmail to access the app. If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to connect to its database. When you use any of the social sites, all of your contacts, including contact numbers, contact names, and email ids, are uploaded to a secure server. When you log into the app with your mobile phone, your entire address book is sent to the app servers. These are organized into records and each number is assigned a caller ID. When someone looks up the number using Truecaller number lookup, they will see the caller ID associated with that number.

You can enrich the application, which can work with social networks, with your photos on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, you can tweet or follow the person by connecting your Twitter account. You can safely use the application, which also offers the opportunity to create your own profile.

How does it work?

Truecaller trades on a give-and-take scenario. If you want those unfamiliar numbers, you need to part with your phone book contacts. This app is crowdsourced by the millions of users who have downloaded the app on their smartphones. As part of the end user agreement, the app will prompt the user to allow access to the user’s address book. The data is then uploaded from the app to the company’s servers. While the service doesn’t charge its users a single cent, the data it collects from your address book is vital to Truecallers’ extension and database.

The algorithm this app uses is that all your contacts are cached when you create a profile. Similarly, when other users create an account, they use your cached contacts and display saved contacts to other users. In the same way, it shows you other contacts.

Truecaller offers an experience that goes beyond the limitations of today’s phonebook apps. It has grown significantly to 250 million subscribers worldwide. With the majority of users in the subcontinent and China. You can also subscribe to the Facebook page to stay up to date.

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Operating system: Android
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