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Traffic Tour APK

Traffic Tour is your new generation high speed track jump car game. Totally different from the previous car racing games you played. This racing game puts you behind the wheel in a real scenario. Where you have to fight your way through and save yourself from scratches.

With fantastic graphics and nimble steering, this car game gives you the thrill of real adrenaline pumping driving. You’ll feel like you’ve just driven a brand new car out of the showroom and onto the road. The glossy dashboard along with the way the sun penetrates through the windshield is very realistic and looks just like the real thing.

Race the Traffic Tour Way

The basic difference and uniqueness of this game is the way you have to race and dodge the traffic at the same time. If any of you have ridden on a busy road, you know the feeling and the thrill. This feeling makes the game really enjoyable and really pulls you in, which pushes you to really show off your skills and also enjoy the ride.

Even the street lamps and power lines are accurately represented along with the palm trees, traffic, road structure and crash barriers. There is even a wind farm on the left side of the display which will make your car racing more detailed and immersive. The background music does the rest with enough pump to get you hooked on this car racing game.

The car is accelerating really well when you hear your tires screeching, indicating you have plenty of horsepower. You can set the game controls to different settings depending on your comfort. You can set auto-acceleration or manual, tilt to turn or touch to steer. Choose from endless gameplay, a career mode and even online multiplayer.

However, it’s best to first rack up a lot of points in career mode in Traffic Tour, so you can buy more horsepower and better handling for your car so you can beat the competition in multiplayer. Download the game now by clicking the download button above. Check out other car racing games like asphalt 8 for some drift fun.

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