The new iPhone 14 will be available starting at $ 799, according to rumors

The rumors about the iPhone 14 are increasing every day as there is only one month left for the phone’s official launch.

iPhone 14 price

Recently, there was a report indicating that the price of the base models will be stable. This report comes from a Korean leaker named Landsk, who has also come up with several other leaks in the past that were posted on the Korean Naver website.

The price of the iPhone 14 may be the same as the price of the iPhone 13

As we all know, Apple has faced many challenges due to supply chain and production delays due to the complete lockdown inside China to fight the coronavirus disease.

Several sources have indicated that the company may increase prices due to these challenges. But now, according to Landsk, the base iPhone 14 will cost you $799.

The Pro and Pro Max models, which come with many new features and functions, are expected to increase in price.

Apple wants to show several differences between the Pro models and the base model, the most important of which is the fact that the base model is equipped with the A15 chip of the previous version.

Although the A15 chip in the base model will come with improved performance, but compared to the new A16 chip, it is less powerful so it seems logical that the price of the base model will be the same as the price of the base iPhone 13 model.

For his part, Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities, told The Sun. in a statement He believes that the price of the upcoming iPhone 14 will increase by $100. This means that the price of the iPhone 14 may actually be $899.

The iPhone 14 Pro models could be priced at $1,099, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max could be $1,199. These prices are the highest ever.

However, this is only speculation based on the facts, and Landske also stated that “the accuracy of iPhone rumors in America is over 90%”, so we can almost rely on them.

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