The most prominent uses of the USB flash can not be dispensed with Free Download 2022

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Many people benefit from saving files and folders on flash drives, in addition to transferring files from one device to another, in addition to the previous uses of flash memory, but it has important uses that many users may not know about. Maximum flash memory:
1. Removing and deleting viruses on the computer:

You can get rid of viruses and malicious software on your computer or laptop that cause severe damage to the computer by installing a tool specialized in removing viruses by using the flash drive. There are many portable programs and tools that help you make the computer completely free of viruses and threats. Harm the computer to speed up the performance of the device’s work and ease of dealing with applications and games, and the most important of these tools are kaspersky tool

2. Install a copy of Windows from the flash:
One of the most prominent uses of the USB flash drive, as most computer users rely on installing Windows using DVDs or CDs, depending on its ease in installing Windows and the programs and applications necessary to run Windows, but there is another easy and simple way, which is to burn a copy of Windows on the flash and use it as a CD and install the copy after that. On your computer easily, burning Windows on a flash drive requires a large storage capacity so that it is larger than the copy space. Explain how to burn and copy Windows on the flash via the site
3Work as additional benefits for the computer:

The flash can work as additional benefits for the computer, which helps you to increase the speed of the computer and enjoy high speed in downloading files and surfing the Internet and making large-sized games easier and easier than playing them on the computer or using large-sized programs by making programs and games do not take up a large space of RAM The computer, where there are many special programs to work The flash is additional dignity
4Shutting down and opening the computer:

The flash can increase the protection on the computer, so none of the intruders can access your important information, files and personal photos on the computer or enter it. The computer shuts down and no one can open it again, which helps to protect the device. There are many programs in this area for ease Close and open the device

5Running portable programs and applications:

The flash helps you to run portable programs and applications without having to install them on the computer, which saves a lot of storage space on the hard disk. Which you can easily download from our website P4C .

6. Support for partitioning the hard disk through the flash drive

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