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Talking Ben the Dog APK

Talking Ben the Dog is another one of those virtual pet apps that allows your kids to have a virtual sidekick on their Android tablets or phones. Only this time Ben is a chemistry teacher and does fun experiments besides being a cute pet. This little addition of chemistry adds to the learning process of children.

Talking Ben the Dog will always appear in his newspaper as this virtual pet has been given an adult personality. You have to constantly annoy him to get his attention. And exactly how Talking Tomhe will repeat everything in a funny voice.

Download Talking Ben the Dog for kids

All the conversations you have with him can be recorded and shared via social media. Ben is a retired chemistry professor who enjoys the quiet, comfortable life of eating, drinking, and reading the paper. Taking him to his lab will cheer him up.

The chemistry lab in this game is a unique feature as it allows children to learn about the basics of chemistry. Over here, Talking Ben the Dog has a lot of weird substances that you can combine to get different results. If you’re lucky, Ben can play with your creations without them exploding.

If you download and install the game by clicking the download button above. It will first ask you for the player’s age and access to the microphone to hear you speak. In the chemistry lab, you have limited potion mixes and you have to watch video ads to get more potion mixes.

Otherwise, you can call Talking Ben or feed him a can of baked beans along with a bottle of apple juice. Make him burp or get many other similar games from the app. Let us know if you enjoyed the game by rating it and commenting below with your opinion.

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Operating system: Android
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