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Codec program to play movies and audios, Star Codec is a free application that helps you install the codec package that you need to decode and play all video and audio file formats on your computer. You can also solve all codec problems that you face when playing your favorite movies or audios due to the unavailability of the codec Suitable for decoding multimedia files on your computer, Star Codec has a clean and more intuitive interface when using, through which you can install some of the most popular codecs with just a few clicks, such as LAV Filters, ffdshow, AC3Filter, XviD, in addition you can Install different types of video and audio codecs, such as AAC, MP3, WebM, h264, x264 and other codecs that help decode video and audio formats and play them through your various favorite media players. You can also install a set of From filters to process video and audio tracks and play them in the best way, such as madVR filter, VSFilter, MP4 Splitter, RealMedia filter and more.

It is worth noting that the codec package or codecs plays its role in decoding all video and audio formats, which helps you to play movies and music on your computer without the slightest problem. The codec also contributes to the success of the conversion process between different video and audio formats, as well as the operation of TV channels and satellite stations High-definition HD by using satellite cards, in addition to playing live audio and video broadcasts over the Internet.

StarCodec is one of the free solutions that come within the reach of all categories of users to get rid of codec problems when playing video, movie and audio formats on the computer, as the program comes with a set of audio and video codecs, filters and other useful features in order to run different types of Media file formats (video and audio) on your Windows system, in addition to that, you can get the correct codec to play some video and audio files that need special types of codecs to decode, the program is lightweight and consumes a low amount of processor resources and random memory, as it is Compatible with all Windows operating systems and supports a wide range of the most common codecs that meet all the needs of users, you can now download the Star Codec program and use it on your computer to decode and play all video and audio formats for free and for life.


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