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SmartFix Tool

System Troubleshooter and Malware Component Removal, Smartfix is ​​a free application that automatically helps you fix all the most common system problems, in addition to treating your computer from unknown malware that cannot be detected or found by antivirus software, you can scan your computer And troubleshoot all errors automatically, as well as you can treat and restore full network settings, in addition to that you can use some powerful protection tools to scan your computer and remove all kinds of adware files and malware hidden within system areas.

SmartFix has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which provides you with three options through which you can fix various system and network problems caused by malware, as well as clean your computer from malware and rootkits, so that when you run the program for the first time, you can select the first option and click on the Start button , the program will be automatically integrated into the Start menu and will also be integrated into the System Recovery Environment for Windows, after that you can directly enter the System Recovery Environment by restarting the computer and repeatedly clicking the F8 button until you see the graphical interface of the System Recovery Environment After that, you can click on the Troubleshoot option, after that you will find the SmartFix Tool has been integrated, you can click on it to quickly start the process of detecting and repairing various system problems and errors while getting rid of the malware components that are found, after completion you can Exit the System Restore environment and restart the computer.

The program also provides you with the second option in order to repair and recover full network settings with restarting the computer, and the third option is to detect and remove malware and manage startup items with the help of third-party protection tools, such as AutoRuns, CureIt and Dr. AdwCleaner, you can choose one of these powerful tools to scan your computer and remove malicious files and malware, as well as remove unnecessary startup programs to increase your computer’s running speed.

SmartFix Tool is one of the most powerful software solutions specially designed to fix the most common Windows system problems in a few mouse clicks, and the user can also install many useful cleaning products to clean the computer system from viruses and malware, the program is reliable and free from any configuration settings, Which makes it accessible to all categories of users, especially beginners who face system problems that make it impossible to use the computer in a lot of times. You can also use the Windows System Recovery Environment (Troubleshoot), and this environment quickly helps SmartFix to troubleshoot all errors with all Ease, the program is stable and compatible with all Windows systems, as it is light in weight and uses a low amount of processor resources and random memory, you can now download SmartFix Tool and use it on your computer to fix system problems and errors and remove malware components for free and for life.


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