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SD Card Formatter

Memory card formatting program on the computer, SD Card Format is a free application that helps you format the memory card in a fast and safe way while improving the storage memory for better performance, knowing that the formatting mechanism on Windows operating systems can format various types of memory card, but it may It creates a lot of problems with the performance of your memory card and makes it slow, so it is always recommended to use formatting tools in case you want to format the memory card well without the slightest problem, the program also supports formatting the USB flash with ease, in addition to that you can format it The memory card and the flash disk are completely erased with all files permanently so that they are not recovered again by the deleted file recovery programs.

SD Card Format program has a simple interface that is easy to use, through which you can format the memory card of the mobile phone or digital camera in a few steps, so that once the memory card is connected to the computer via the USB ports, some information related to the memory card will be displayed, such as The type of memory card and the size of the total storage space, in addition to that, you can get several options that include two different types of formatting operations that meet all the needs of users, you can select the first option Quick format to format the memory card quickly without deleting files and data permanently, which is the recommended option Always in order to preserve the memory card from possible malfunctions.

You can also select the second option, Overwrite format, which formats the memory card completely with permanently deleting files by using the random overwriting algorithm. This option is recommended only in the event that you want to sell your memory card, for this you must be careful to protect privacy Your important data by formatting and permanently erasing files from the memory card in order to prevent other people from recovering these files again in any case, knowing that the full formatting process may take some time from you.

The program provides you with an additional option to re-engineer the memory card sectors by CHS, the latter allows to calculate and adjust the total size of the memory card to the correct value, which helps you to recover the size of the lost storage space that is not calculated, for example if you have a memory card with a storage capacity of 4 GB When viewed on a computer, you find that the size of the space is 3.8 GB, and this is due to the presence of a large number of lost sectors that were not calculated before, knowing that this option is enabled only when the capacity of the memory card is less than or equal to 8 GB, but we do not recommend By activating this option except for experts or when there is a problem reading the memory card size, the program also provides you with the possibility to rename your memory card to any other name you prefer, after you have finished setting all the options that suit you, you can immediately click on the Format button to quickly launch the formatting process Memory card securely without errors.

The SD Card Formatter program is one of the free solutions that come within the reach of all users to format the memory card in fast or full mode with one click, in addition to the possibility of formatting all types of other removable storage units such as the flash, moreover, the program supports Only format SDXC, SDHC, SD memory cards, for this developer does not recommend using this application if your memory card or flash is not within one of these types mentioned, knowing that once you run the program, it will check the memory card and identify the card with a display Its type on the main interface, for example, my memory card as shown in the pictures below is an SD type, the program does not contain any configuration settings, which makes it the ideal choice for beginners, as it is light and uses minimal processor resources, you can now download the S program Format de Card and use it on your computer to format the memory card smoothly for free and for life.

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