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Ride Out Heroes APK

Ride Out Heroes is a multi-class mobile battle royale game that brings you amazing immersive gameplay. With almost 100 players per game, the game allows you to fight in solo and team matches. You can choose from different heroes, each with unique character traits, epic weapons and abilities.

Most of the time you need to buy heroes and for that you can use diamonds. That you buy with real money. Glide through a 3D world with beautiful vistas and breathtaking terrain. Tropical deserts overgrown with cacti, palm trees and orcs. Beautiful green forests full of people.

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You can create your very own strategy by combining two of the unique abilities. The game also grants you a chance to revive after being knocked down. Those who have been knocked down will be turned into a baby dragon. If you successfully survive in Dragon Baby form for another 30 seconds, you can return to the battlefield.

You can also transform into other objects like a barrel or a tree to hide from attacks while in baby dragon form. But you have to choose these during gameplay as the baby dragon gets a little too weird and obvious. Ride Out Heroes features new mechanics including the mount system and the random sanctuary system.

You can summon a mount in Ride Out Heroes to quickly escape from the zone. It can appear as a dinosaur, bird, or sled dog to travel around the map. There will be a sanctuary that will appear randomly on the map where you can wish to get epic weapons, skills, armor or potion. The items you get from Sanctuary are the ones you can’t get through looting. Read more about the looting strategy.

Download Ride Out Heroes now and start playing to really understand how things work in Ride Out Heroes. Click the download button above to start the process. Check out other similar battle royal style games like call of Duty while you’re here

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