Report: 88% of business leaders would pay the ransom if they were exposed to a cyber attack

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According to a new report by Kaspersky at 88% Of the organizations around the world that have been attacked by ransomware, business leaders will choose to pay a ransom if they face another attack. In companies that have paid ransom in the past, the 97% Their willingness to do it again. Through organizations that are not yet victims, 67% Only they will be willing to pay.

Companies that have been battered in the past have been more inclined to pay as soon as possible for immediate access to their data (33% compared to 15th% from companies that have never been hacked), or paid just two days after an unsuccessful decryption. Attempts (30% Opposite 19%).

Experts urge victims to never pay the ransom, as it does not guarantee your data recovery and encourages criminals to continue their business. Instead, they recommend reporting incidents to local law enforcement as well as taking preventive measures, including setting up offline backups, keeping software up to date on all company devices,

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