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Red Button

The red button program to clean and speed up the device, a free application that helps you speed up the computer with the push of a button by cleaning the computer from the remnants of the Windows system, as well as cleaning the registry from errors, in addition to the ability to delete unnecessary Windows applications that you may not need, such as metro applications in Windows 10 or Windows 8, in order to save more CPU and RAM resources, you can also speed up Windows by disabling some services that are not important to you, the program also helps you delete permanently deleted files from hard disk partitions, which provides you with maximum protection for sensitive files that you have deleted Previously from the computer, so that no one else can restore them again by means of recovery programs for deleted files that are widely spread in the application market.

The Red Button program has a simple and easy-to-use interface, especially for beginners, through which you can, with one click of the button, clean your device from all kinds of the most common waste that may be the cause of slow computer, so that it automatically cleans the redundant files generated by the Windows system on the disk C, as well as clearing cached and temporary files, and cleaning the Prefetch folder, in addition to cleaning the random memory, cleaning the registry of errors reports for Windows and log files accumulated on the system, the program also works to clean the Internet browser to maintain browsing speed by deleting cookies and cache files and clearing the history Browsing from website links, as well as clearing secret passwords stored on the browser for more privacy and security, knowing that the program supports cleaning all the most common internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and so on.

The program contributes significantly to accelerating the computer by performing many tasks that will improve the speed of Windows, especially if you suffer from a significant slowdown in your device due to limited RAM and processor resources, so that the program fixes the registry of errors and cleans it of remnants of programs You can also manually select many options to disable unnecessary Windows services, such as disabling the animation feature in the taskbar, as well as disabling the suggested game bar, disabling the OneDrive cloud storage service and other things, and you can easily delete applications The default redundancy that comes with Windows, such as the Calculator app, 3D viewer, Maps, News, Sports, Paint, as well as the Xbox app and other metro apps that can be easily deleted to save a lot of system resources that can be directed to running other apps that are more important to you is yours.

If you previously deleted sensitive files from your computer, such as family photos or confidential documents, in fact these deleted files are still present on the hard drive, anyone else can recover them, for this Red Button program provides you with a distinct function that allows you to scan hard partitions And delete deleted files permanently by randomly overwriting the previously deleted data, making this data unrecoverable in any case.

The Red Button program is among the most powerful free solutions available to all people who are looking for an easy and effective way to speed up the computer and clean it of waste, especially since it does not require any computer experience in order to operate it, all you have to do is click on the red button to be Immediately after cleaning the device and speeding up the computer, but if you want more other features, you can in this case click on the Features button, which gives you many cleaning and maintenance options. You can activate the options that suit you with a check mark. The program supports the English language only, and it also provides you with the ability to create System restore point before performing the cleaning process, for this we recommend it to all users, especially as it is light in weight and consumes minimal processor and memory resources, you can now download the red button program and use it on your computer to clean and speed up the device with one click for free and for life.


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