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Real bike racing APK

Want to quench your thirst for high-speed bike racing? Try Real Bike Racing app for serious high speed bike racing on professional tracks from around the world. This game is a simple racing game but with great sound effects. It makes you feel the weight of a heavy bike, but the graphic quality can be improved.

You can choose and customize from 10 different bikes. Real Bike Racing offers different game modes like Normal, Career and VR. The goal of this bike racing game is simple: you have to finish the race in first place. Anything below that will not be entertained. Also, it supports VR (Virtual Reality) mode with the help of Google Cardboard app.

Download Real Bike Racing Game

Want to get your hands on this game for free? Download it now by clicking the download button above. Install the APK file once the download is complete and your game is ready to play. The game controls are also very simple, you just have to press the pedals on the right side of your screen to accelerate or brake while taking a turn.

The rotating mechanism can be manipulated by tilting your phone, or you can change it to press to rotate, whichever you see fit. The bike races are fun with realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects. Your goal is to advance while controlling the speed in the corners and not going off the track. As soon as you leave the road, your bike speed will decrease, giving your opponents a chance to advance.

Make sure you’re accelerating and braking at the right time by keeping an eye on the track map above. You can also see behind you using the rearview mirror. Let us know if you managed to win the Real Bike Racing Championship by rating the app and commenting with your score below.

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Operating system: Android
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