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The program to know the type and specifications of the RAM for the computer, RAM Expert is a free application that helps you to detect and know the full specifications of the physical memory installed on the computer, in addition to knowing the number of free memory slots on the motherboard that allows you to add more RAM to raise the level of performance of your computer, you can also Get a comprehensive report about the memory card (RAM) in a text file in PDF format, Ram Expert has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, through which you can learn some general information related to the random access memory card (RAM), such as knowing the number of slots, which are They are slots in the motherboard that allow you to install memory chips, you can also find out the size of the current memory (Current Memory) and find out the maximum amount of memory that the system can support on your computer, you can also find out the size of the actual used and total memory with a graphic display Memory status graph, the program also provides you with all the detailed information about the memory chips installed on the motherboard in each slot (Solt), such as the name of the memory slot, memory size and the name of the manufacturer of the memory card. Memory and also the model name (Model), in addition to knowing the type of memory (Type) and its serial number (Serial), you can download specifications for each slice of random memory to a PDF file and save it on the computer with one click, the program is lightweight, stable and compatible with all Windows operating systems.

RAMExpert is one of the important tools that is designed to provide users with a comprehensive view of the RAM card in order to improve and raise the performance of their computers by purchasing additional memory chips with the correct specifications and matching the current memory, and to avoid falling into the mismatch problems that It creates a lot of errors on the Windows operating system, such as the problem of the appearance of the fatal blue screen, and the sudden collapse of some applications such as the collapse of the Internet browser. The program allows you to export all the information in a text file or in an Excel document and print it on a sheet of paper and take this information with you to The seller in order to buy the appropriate RAM memory card for you, there is also a portable version of the program that does not need to be installed on Windows, the program is light on the system and consumes a very small amount of processor resources and random memory, you can now download the RAM Expert program and use it on a computer Your computer to detect and know the specifications of the RAM for free and for life.


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