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QuizUp APK

QuizUp is an online quiz game. It lets the players compete against the other online players to see who knows the topics best.

In the QuizUp game, the player can choose from a variety of topics in which to compete. Typically, players can compete in subjects such as history, math, geography, and many others. However, players can also enter competitions that focus on something specific, such as a single movie.

A strength of QuizUp is the social aspect of the game, which allows players to gain experience and pass the levels by participating and winning them. Also, players can challenge their best friends or compete against other online players. To learn more, visit glumobile help center.

In this vibrant world of online trivia, players participate in the engaging community where they can choose from thousands of themes that are updated every week. They discover new interests for them and have the opportunity to create their own quiz. Each of these quiz topics belongs to a specific category where the player can play, post or interact with other players who share the same interests.

Features of QuizUp:

The QuizUp has many of the following features.

  • First off, the game is quite addictive as there are literally thousands of themes to choose from.
  • There are millions of players to compete with.
  • Players can also meet new people.
  • The game also features a large number of MEMES and there are tournaments to play every day.

Category: Games/trifles

Operating system: Android
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