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PlayStation®App APK

If you are a regular PlayStation gamer then this app is for you. The PlayStation app for Android offers a handful of cool features like messaging, shopping, and second-screen functionality. Sony’s PlayStation App is not essential to the PlayStation 4 experience. However, using the app gives you the opportunity to use other Sony add-ons and keep in touch with your buddies. Plus, take your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go.

Take your PlayStation with you wherever you go with the PlayStation App. You can watch the game videos that your friends upload. Also get information about your friend’s surroundings as well PlayStation News.

app interface

PlayStation App users can enter text in dialog boxes such as username and password areas. This eliminates the hassle of using the on-screen keyboard to log into the console. At the top are icons that notify you when you have new friend requests, game notifications, and more. Use the PlayStation App to buy games and movies. App users can buy their entertainment on the go and sync it to the console at the same time.

You can play with your playing friends anytime. With features in the PlayStation app that keep you in touch with your favorite games. The application allows you to easily connect to the PlayStation Store thanks to its convenient interface. You can use your Android device as an on-screen keyboard for the PS4. So you can see what games your friends are playing. You can also view your profile, find out about current events, chat, receive game notifications and receive or send game invitations.

You can also connect through the application, browse the PlayStation App Store for the most popular and newest games, and download attachments for your PS4 system. In order to use all the features of this application, you need a Sony Entertainment Network account and a PS4 system.


The PlayStation app has a unique feature known as the second screen feature. The second screen feature was developed to bring maps, dialog boxes, instructions and additional options to your smartphone.

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Operating system: Android
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