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Desktop screen capture and image editing program, PICPEC is a free application that helps you take pictures from the computer screen, take screenshots of windows, write explanations on images, and also upload images on the Internet and share them on social networking sites. Capture images from the computer screen in several ways, so that you can capture the entire screen and also image only active windows on the desktop, in addition to selecting any area on the desktop and photographing it with one click, also when shooting screenshots from the desktop, images are automatically opened by an advanced image editor In order to make simple explanations on images, such as writing texts, adding text boxes, arrows, drawing lines and various other geometric shapes, you can also use brushes to draw on your favorite images.

The program allows you to add many beautiful effects to the pictures that you photograph from the computer screen, so that you can invert the color of the pictures and convert the pictures to the old black and white style, you can also pixelate the pictures, blur the edges of the pictures and install frames around the pictures in different ways, you can also improve the clarity You can also add a watermark to images and control the transparency of the watermark and its placement. The program allows you to rotate images and reverse and flip images horizontally and vertically (Flip), and you can also reduce and enlarge Digital photos in pixels or percentage while maintaining their quality.

PicPick also helps you capture any color from any area on the desktop screen and know its HTML color code by using the Picker tool. You can also measure any angle on the desktop, in addition to knowing the coordinates of any point on the screen This feature has a great role in helping website designers and developers determine where the design elements are located on web pages with great accuracy via CSS technology. An FTP account, you can also upload images to various accounts of cloud storage sites on the Internet, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Imgur. You can also photograph your computer screen and share pictures with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The program can It is highly relied upon to take pictures and make explanations in a professional manner, as it is a light application on the system and consumes few processor resources and random memory, you can now download the Picpick program and use it on your computer to photograph the images. Screensaver and photo editing for free and for life.


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