Optimizer Download Windows Optimization and Error Fixing Program Free Download 2022

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Optimizer is a free multifunctional application that helps you speed up the system and clean your computer, as well as protect privacy, manage startup programs to increase Windows boot speed, fix registry errors, edit the hosts file, and helps you optimize and speed up the system Windows 10 By disabling some of the various unnecessary Windows features that may threaten the security of your privacy, Optimizer has an organized and easy to use interface, tabs provide you with a wide range of useful options, through which you can make a comprehensive improvement on your Windows in a few clicks Few, among them you can select and click on the option to speed up system performance and block annoying Skype ads, as well as disable the network throttle in order to improve the connection speed over the local Wi-Fi network.

The program also allows you to disable the error reporting reports generated by the Windows system, disable Windows Defender if you do not need it in order to save system resources for other purposes, you can also disable the homegroup, disable the creation of a system restore point, and disable the Telemetry In order to maintain privacy when using the computer and prevent data transfer to Microsoft, you can also disable the Superfetch service on Windows, and this service consumes a lot of processor and memory resources, which leads to the problem of slow computer, in addition In addition, you can disable the printing service, disable the media player sharing, as well as disable the telemetry tool for Office applications, all of these actions would contribute to increasing the speed of the device by a large percentage.

It is worth noting that you can click on the “Applay All” button to activate all the options at once, and you can click on the “Restart” button to undo any action you have taken.

The program provides you with a tab for Windows 10 optimization, through which you can disable a wide range of unnecessary tools and services, providing you with a fast system with privacy security, especially when we know that there are many tools on Windows 10 that threaten the privacy of users, so it is better Disabling it, among which you can disable Start Menu ads, disable Sensor Services, disable all privacy options, remove and uninstall the OneDrive application from the computer, disable the silent installation service for programs, and disable the Assistant service You can also disable the game bar on Windows 10, disable automatic Windows updates, disable the diagnostic tracking tool, you can disable Xbox Live, hide the ad provider sync, and change the download folder for the Edge browser, After disabling all these services and options, you will get a fast and safer Windows system from the privacy side.

The program also provides you with a tab dedicated to cleaning the computer (Cleaner), through which you can select many cleaning options with a check mark, and then click on the “Clean” button to start the process of cleaning the computer from all unwanted files, including deleting temporary files Emptying the recycle bin, clearing Windows junk, as well as cleaning cached files generated by media players, in addition to deleting the cache or cache of torrent programs, and also cleaning Prefetch cache files, and removing accumulated error reports on the system, the program also allows You can detect and manage the list of startup programs (Stratup), through which you can delete unnecessary programs and items that start with the beginning of the Windows system boot, in order to maintain the speed of running the computer all the time.

Optimizer is one of the best free and open source system optimization applications that come within the reach of all categories of users to improve and speed up the computer, fix errors and maintain privacy security. With a few clicks, you can make many improvements to your Windows system, and you can fix problems The Windows Registry, which is the heart of the system, so you can fix the right mouse button menu, fix the firewall, fix the registry editor errors, fix the folder options, the control panel, as well as fix the task manager errors, fix the launch of the dialog box, the program is Portable It has a small size that does not require you to install it on the system, and it is light in weight and uses a low amount of resources from the processor unit and RAM, in addition, it supports changing the appearance of the graphic interface to several attractive themes and in different colors, you can now download the Optimizer program and use it on your computer Your Windows to improve and speed up for free and for life.

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