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Audio editing program for computer, Osin Audio is a free application that helps you modify audio clips and add effects with the support of many plug-ins to modify and improve the sound in a professional way, in addition to recording audio from the computer via the microphone, you can also edit audio files and save them on the device in several different formats, You can also view and know some basic information about the audio files, such as the audio codec, bit rate, sample rate and quality value, as well as knowing the type of sound system mono or stereo, in addition to that you can change the rights of the songs by modifying the crown for the audio files, which is a metadata of the product Represented in the song name, artist name, audio album title, album art image, date of release, and other other information.

The ocenaudio program has an attractive, multifunctional and easy-to-use interface that supports the display of audio frequency graphs. It also includes a rich set of tools and different audio effects through which the audio can be edited and made a series of modifications, so that you can quickly modify the audio files stored on the computer with Maintaining sound quality, among these modifications is the ability to cut audio and delete unwanted audio clips, as well as copy and paste audio tracks to another place. It is also one of the factors responsible for the sound quality and is measured in the hertz unit. You can also add effects to the sound, such as the effect of sound fading at the beginning and end of the audio clip, and the effect of tinnitus, noise and echo, as well as you can add the effect of sound normalization and improvement automatically, and you can invert the sound to be read and play it in reverse, and most importantly, you can remove noise and distortion from the sound easily, as well as remove the value of DC Offset which is a continuous component of the frequency of the sound that often Being unwanted, it is best to remove them.

The program provides you with a powerful voice recorder that helps you record sound through the microphone or through the sound card of the device, and it also provides you with a distinctive tool for the manufacture of audio tones for the iPhone, so that you can add an audio file or a song and cut tones for 30 seconds, and save them on the computer in m4r format to make it a ringtone for your mobile phone When receiving phone calls, knowing that you can transfer the audio files to your iPhone through the iTunes application available on our website, you can also modify the audio files and transfer them to your website through the FTP account.

ocenaudio is one of the most powerful and carefully developed free audio editing tools that comes within the reach of all categories of users to modify audio and add effects, as well as convert audio files to a wide range of formats, such as MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, in addition to playing audio in high definition quality, as well. The program supports many international languages, but the Arabic language is still not available at this moment. It also supports changing the colors of the audio frequency graph. It also supports the installation of VST plugins, which is one of the most popular plug-ins specialized in audio processing. We tested the program on Windows 10 for several hours, we did not encounter any errors during this period, as we noted that it is light in weight and consumes moderate resources of the processor and random memory, in addition to its great speed in processing sound and showing results, and we recommend it to all people who are looking for an effective way to modify and improve sound files Without wasting much effort, you can now download Osin Audio and use it on your computer to edit audio clips and record audio for free and for life.


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