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Script editing program, Notepad Plus Plus is a free application that helps you edit scripts and code, you can edit HTML files, PHP files, and edit CSS files, you can also edit codes written in various programming languages ​​in a professional way, Notepad Plus Plus program is available on Many of the features that make it the first in editing text and code, as it allows you to number the lines and color the code with special colors so that it is easier for you to search and identify them, the program also provides you with an advanced search engine to search for codes within the script file, and you can open many pages On one page through the system of tabs or so-called tabs.

Notepad Plus Plus is an application that many programmers rely on to edit texts and write code, in addition to modifying language files in XML format to localize and translate programs into several languages. It can also be used to create subtitle files for movies or modify them, as well as open various text files and change Encoding the language to UTF-8 easily, you can also edit JavaScript files, edit Ajax files, and edit all programming languages ​​known to programmers, the program is light and compatible with Windows systems.

Notepad++ is the best code editor you may ever have, which has been carefully designed and has won many awards for its efficiency in editing texts and code, and there are also millions of website owners, developers and programmers who use this program to edit and modify Scripts for the files of their sites and applications, for its ease of use and also for its smoothness in defining and modifying the source code, as well as the quick transition between lines, and it has a simple interface that provides you with a wide range of tools needed to edit scripts in the best way, the program is light on the system and consumes a small amount of resources Processor and Memory, You can now download the Notepad Plus program and use it on your computer to edit various types of text files and code for free and for life.


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