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NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE is a fortress strategy action game based on the popular manga ninja world of Naruto. The game puts you in charge of your own village.

There’s a bit of city building, or at least building and fighting as you build and upgrade a few things and gather resources.

But the focus of the game is to defend your village’s fortress and assemble a team of shinobi to confront and overcome the enemies, traps and defenses of other fortresses.

PvP is a big part of the game, you’re right, although there are solo missions that have been cleverly converted into the same kind of action RPG light style. You take control of a Naruto character with up to three others to assist you.


The Android version of the game controls is a standard thumbstick and button combination. There is a story woven between the Solo stages that always yields something the game more fun.

Unlocking new shinobi is very easy compared to other versions of the Naruto universe. Players can easily obtain new Hero Fragments to complete a roster of 10 characters.

Instead, Ninja Cards are the rarer resource that can be assigned to any character, but work best for those depicted on them.

Without the right ninja cards, your characters don’t have access to all of their ninjutsu, which manifest as your special attacks or abilities.

Get FAST SHINOBI ACTION in NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE. Players can perform ninja combos with simple controls in a beautiful 3D anime world.

While he is able to finish off enemies with a variety of powerful ninjutsu attacks like Naruto Uzumaki’s rasengan.

You can also play ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MISSIONS. Players can join a shinobi guild and go on missions just like in PUBG. Team up with up to 4 players to defeat the unsealed giant bosses in surprise attack missions. Or team up to invade and destroy other players’ strongholds.

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Operating system: Android
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