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Mozilla Thunderbird

Email and online chat management program, Mozilla Thunderbird is a free application that helps you send and receive email on your computer without having to log into email sites, you can add your email account to the program and receive emails and reply to them directly, the program supports Add all known e-mail accounts such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook Mail, in addition to that, it supports all types of incoming and outgoing e-mail servers, the program also provides you with a tool to chat and chat over the Internet, by using one of your accounts in social networks , such as Facebook account, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, Google Talk and IRC, which makes you able to make instant messaging and conversations with all friends and family over the Internet.

Mozilla Thunderbird has a simple and well-organized interface, through which you can add all your email accounts and follow them at once on the computer, so that you can follow incoming emails, as well as edit and write emails and send them to your friends, knowing that the process of adding an email account Your access to the program is very easy, so you can enter the Account Settings and then through the Account Actions drop-down list, you can select and click on Add an email account, a small window will appear asking you to enter Your name, email address and password, after which your email account is directly set up and added to the program, and you can receive and read incoming messages as well as write new messages and send them immediately, the program also contains an advanced filter to filter annoying advertising messages, the program is lightweight and compatible with All Windows systems.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most powerful email account management programs, which is characterized by a high level of security, in addition to the feature to prevent phishing and protect your passwords and data from theft, the program also includes powerful filters to prevent unwanted email and dangerous content, The program also has a chat feature that allows you to communicate with your friends in an easy and convenient way, you can add your account on Facebook or Twitter and join chat rooms and communicate with friends, you can also customize your connection status and make it available (Available) or Unvailable or not Connected, the program also provides you with a news reader to follow the news on your favorite news sites, the program is light on the system and consumes a small amount of resources from the processor unit and random memory, you can now download the Mozilla Thunderbird program and use it on your computer to manage e-mail and chat with friends over the Internet for free and for life.


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