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Microsoft Edge

The new Edge browser for the computer and for Android, Microsoft Edge is a free browser that helps you surf the Internet quickly on the Windows system. This new browser comes after Microsoft faced difficulties in marketing its Internet Explorer browser and convincing users to return to it, especially in light of the intense competition in the browser market that it controls. Currently, Google Chrome is in the first place with merit. For these reasons, Microsoft has tried for a long time to start developing its Edge browser in a different and more ambitious way with the EdgeHTML engine, but it also failed to convince a sufficient number of users to return to the default browser for Windows, but Microsoft did not stop at At this point, it has recently redesigned the Edge browser with a new engine based on fast Chromium, but with a different appearance and a wide range of new features, although it still needs a lot of work and development, so that the first beta version has not been announced.

Microsoft Edge browser has a new and attractive interface that at first glance seems familiar, especially for people who work on Windows 10, includes all the advantages of the Chrome browser hard, including the settings page, in addition to speed in surfing the Internet with the ability to open a large number of tabs without consuming RAM or The effect on the processor resources, and the browser supports the installation of all Chrome add-ons and extensions, which gives you complete freedom in what you choose without the need to enter the Microsoft Store. It also comes with many options to satisfy all categories of users, as it displays a beautiful background image on the start page with icons of the websites you visited recently in a neat and attractive way, and you can open a new tab with one click and start surfing the Internet at high speed, with the ability to Include your favorite sites in a custom list so by simply clicking on the star icon icon, in addition to that, you can easily open a new window for private browsing that prevents tracking and protects privacy It also clears cookies, browsing history and passwords automatically upon exit.

The new Edge browser comes with Chromium-inspired settings, so you can create and edit your profile, as well as manage passwords and online purchases, and you can add your residence address, phone number and email, you can also customize the appearance of the GUI, such as setting a website Preferred as a start page, control showing or hiding the bookmarks bar, as well as controlling the size and type of font, in addition to that you can manage privacy settings, such as deleting cookies and clearing the history of links to sites you have visited, and you can also activate the option to prevent sites from tracking your online activity , as well as the option to allow sites to check payment information that is stored on the browser, etc. You can also change the folder path for saving files downloaded from the Internet, and the most beautiful thing is that if you manipulate the settings, you can with one click return to the default settings at any time.

The new Edge browser provides you with some special tools specifically directed to website developers, so that you can easily browse the entire source or source code of web pages, with the ability to edit and modify HTML and CSS code, and this feature is very useful in developing websites without having to enter the server or compromising the website design files, you can also try opening websites on many devices, such as mobiles and tablets, which helps you to create a responsive design for your website so that it works on all devices without a problem.

The Microsoft Edge browser is one of the new browsers belonging to Microsoft, which was designed based on the chromium kernel, which comes in handy for browsing the Internet in a comfortable way on Windows, especially since Microsoft has assigned a new and integrated team to supervise the development of this distinguished browser, although it is The final version has not been announced until this writing, because it still needs a lot of work, so you should keep in mind that this version is for trial and general use, so you may encounter some problems that have not been dealt with yet, but with that do not miss The opportunity to try it and learn about its features, you can now download the Edge browser and use it on your computer to surf the Internet for free and for life.


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