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Microsoft Authenticator APK

TFA is now easy, secure and convenient with the Microsoft Authenticator app. Just use your phone instead of your Microsoft account to sign in. Just enter the username and the notification will be sent to your mobile phone. In this two-step verification process, the second level of security is provided by one or all of the following security features.

  • Fingerprint ID
  • Face ID
  • PEN

After the user has logged into the TFA, they have access to all of their Microsoft products such as Outlook, OneDrive, office.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication):

Microsoft Authenticator also allows users to access MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). They can add another layer of security by entering their password.

When the user logs in via TFA, they enter the password and are then asked if they really are the user of the account. To prove this, they have to enter the once-generated password from the app itself. The OTP codes (One Time Passwords) also have the 30 second timer. The timer prohibits the ser form from using this OTP more than once. This OTP code also does not require a network connection or drain the mobile battery. For more information, see Microsoft support.

Add more accounts:

Microsoft Authenticator also allows you to add other non-Microsoft accounts in the app.

  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • Amazon
  • Drop box
  • Google
  • Facebook

Since the app provides the TOTP codes (time-based one-time passwords), the user can secure any of their online accounts.

Register your organization with the app:

Sometimes the place where you work or study asks you to install the Microsoft Authenticator to gain access to certain emails, files or apps. To do this, you must enroll your device with the organization using the Microsoft Authenticator app. This will give you a certification on the device. This also notifies the organization of a sign-in request that comes from another trusted device. Once approved by the origin, the user has seamless and secure access to all of the organization’s other apps and services without having to sign in to each app or service.

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