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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Anti-malware and anti-spyware program, MalwareBytes Anti-malware is a free application that helps you detect and remove harmful files, spyware and malware from your computer, you can perform a comprehensive scan of your computer, monitor malware and malicious software and work to delete them completely, you can also anti-malware Spying and maintaining the security of your confidential data and protecting your privacy when using the computer and browsing the Internet, MalwareBytes Anti Malware has an organized and easy-to-use interface, through which you can protect your computer and the Windows system from the most dangerous types of malicious software, by examining all running processes on the system and checking random memory, as well as Check the Windows registry or registry and check all system files, so that the program detects and removes all kinds of malicious programs and gets rid of all threats and attacks of malicious software, the program is also able to detect all forms of unknown malicious programs hiding in random memory and that are difficult to identify or monitor by other protection programs .

The program allows you to perform a customized malware scan, so that you can scan folders or a specific file on one of the hard disk partitions for malicious software, in addition to the ability to perform a quick scan of memory and startup programs in order to clean the computer of malicious programs that start with At the beginning of the Windows system boot, the program also allows you to view all reports about the scans that you have performed on the computer to know the type of malware and viruses that have been detected and removed from your system.

From For quick access to all the program’s tools for scanning files and folders for malware with one click, the program also allows you to change the language of the user interface to a wide range of languages, in addition to that, you can schedule a time to scan your computer for malware at pre-set times and automatically when the time is right the time.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of the most powerful free protection solutions against all kinds of malware, malicious files and spyware, you can clean your computer from harmful files and spyware and enjoy safe browsing on the Internet, without fear of stealing your confidential and important data Also, you can take advantage of the advanced deletion service to permanently delete harmful files from the computer without leaving any traces of them. It is worth noting that the program gets many awards for its strength and speed in detecting and removing malware and spyware from the computer. Some advantages that you will only find in the paid version, such as real-time malware monitoring, with this free version remains an effective and indispensable tool for scanning your computer and removing all kinds of malware, the program is light on the system and uses moderate resources of the processor and memory, you can now Download Malware Bytes Anti Malware and use it on your computer to remove malware and spyware for free and for life.


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