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Mafia City APK

Mafia City is a strategy mobile game with a plot based on the mafia and the underworld. You as the player handle things like mansions, drugs, guns, hot women and gang wars. The player takes on the position of a mob boss, expanding his turf and going through the usual mob channels and methods to rebuild the empire.

This game requires real-time strategy from its players, where you have to form alliances with other players. And keep upgrading and upgrading your base to take on stronger enemies. The game offers you simple and standard gameplay and many of the moves are just push-to-play like that Game of Sultans.

Download Mafia City and become a MOB boss

The player is the boss of the mafia and controls his empire, which is a dwelling that you must develop. You have your army, subordinates, and secretaries, all of whom play their part. Secretaries ie babes are by far the most interesting as there are some really hot models to represent the ladies you employ.

And the babes in Mafia City are breathing like they’re about to burst. They work for you, flirt with you, and offer you different perks depending on which ones you want to keep. New babes appear in the pool area from time to time and you can choose them accordingly. The battle is conducted in real time while the units are made up of different criminals like bikers, thugs and gunmen.

The mansion and apartment development is one of the important things. And it allows you to expand your empire at breakneck speed. And how to improve the facilities around your home, you will learn at the beginning of the game. Download the game now by clicking the download button above if you want to be with some hot babes virtually.

To read more about Mafia City and how it all works, visit YOTTA. Let us know if you enjoyed the game by reviewing and rating the game below with your opinion.

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Operating system: Android
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