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Ludo World APK

Ludo World brings you Ludo gameplay in a whole new style. In this game you have the opportunity to control your dice by collecting power-ups on the game board and using these power-ups to your advantage. Powerups include controlling your dice and protecting your checkers from being knocked out.

Compared to other ludo games like ludo star This game takes the lead with its interesting features. All you have to do is roll the dice and try your luck, and with some fun power moves at the right time, win and enjoy. The game offers two modes, a power mode and a classic mode.

PowerUps in the Ludo world

First, we’re going to talk about the powerups that you collect on the game board, as they make the game fun. With Double Distance you can double the number rolled and travel twice as far with this powerup. The Dice Control For once, you can control what number you want on the dice.

Let’s say you want an A or a Six? Just select it and you have the number you want. Then comes the shield, which protects your character from getting killed and saves them for a single turn. You will be protected from the other sneaky tokens that might nullify your progress. Then comes the extra rolling power.

You can get an extra throw when you reach the bonus throw power. Use this to re-roll your dice, but to do this you need to land your character exactly where the power-up appears to use it immediately. Continue reading via Tencent’s Ludo World. Let us know if you enjoyed the game by rating and rating it in the comments section. Enjoy this fun strategy game in a new way.

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