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LMT AntiMalware

Anti-spyware program for computer, LMT Antimalware is a free application that helps you protect the device from hacking and spying by combating the exploitation of the Internet browser while securing all security holes, as well as protecting the DNS, in addition to protecting the microphone and webcam from unauthorized use, The program also works to protect passwords saved on the Internet browser, as well as prevent screen capture, prevent data logging on the Clipboard, and most importantly, it prevents keyboard strokes from being recorded by anti-spyware keylogger, and there are many other protection functions Which offers you a high level of security against potential hacker threats.

LMT Antimalware has an elegant interface, which includes a wide range of anti-spyware and hacking protection tools that can be activated or disabled with one click, so that you can protect Internet browsers installed on your computer by preventing hackers from exploiting potential security holes on the browser, and this procedure is necessary To protect your personal data and passwords from theft, you can also activate the DNS guard that monitors the Internet and alerts you immediately in case of any changes to the DNS of the connection, in addition to that you can activate the microphone guard that prevents untrusted malware from running The microphone is unauthorized, which contributes to protecting you from spying by recording your voice. You can also disable the web cam with the ability to enable it when you need it, because there are many malicious programs that run the webcam on the laptop without your knowledge for the purpose of spying on you.

The program provides you with a security tool to protect the passwords that you enter through the Internet browser when logging in to your favorite websites, knowing that it only supports Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers, you can also activate the anti-screen capture tool, so that the program blocks all applications from Capture images from the desktop screen without your permission, in addition to the ability to activate the Anti-Clipboard logging tool that works to protect the clipboard or clipboard all the time by preventing malicious software from recording text data stored on the clipboard, for this the program provides you with a virtual keyboard that you can use in Copy and paste texts safely, you can also activate the anti-keylogger tool, this malware is one of the most dangerous types of spyware that records keystrokes in order to steal users’ secret passwords.

LMT Antimalware offers you many additional computer protection functions, including real-time protection against viruses, trojans and keyloggers, so that viruses and spyware can be detected before they infiltrate your computer, you can also manage and save all passwords in a database Safe and encrypted with a master password, in order to protect your passwords from keylogger spyware, the program also gives you the function of password-protecting folders, making your sensitive files protected from unauthorized access.

The program also provides you with protection from malware by monitoring all running processes on the system and preventing any potential attacks. In addition, you can get a firewall to prevent untrusted programs from connecting to the Internet, so it will alert you to suspicious applications that try to access the Internet. The program also includes a scan tool that helps you scan your computer for malware and viruses, so you can perform a quick scan of the entire system or you can perform a custom scan to scan a specific folder or partition of the hard disk.

LMT AntiMalware is a free and reliable security application that comes with many security tools to protect your computer from spying in real time. With one click, you can activate the necessary tools you need to protect your personal data, especially since the program provides you with a more browser It is safe to shop online in a safe environment without fear of stealing your confidential data, knowing that this browser is based on the powerful Chromium engine. You can also through the settings adjust many protection options according to your desire, in conclusion, according to the period of our experience of the full functions of the program, we found that Light on the system and consumes moderate resources of the processor, it also supports only Windows 10 64-bit architecture, so this application cannot be run on other Windows systems, you can now download the LMT Antimalware program and use it on your computer to protect against spyware for free and for life.


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