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KeePass Password Safe

The program for saving passwords on the computer, KeepPass PasswordSafe is a free application that helps you to generate strong passwords and save them in the program and use them in e-mail accounts and accounts for social networking sites, such as Facebook and Telegram. Password) for your accounts on the Internet, there are many users who adopt weak passwords that are easy to guess with ease and this exposes your account to e-mail or Facebook to theft, there are also users who forget and waste the passwords of their accounts on the Internet, you can solve All these problems using the KeepPass program, by generating very strong passwords while keeping them in an encrypted database with a very advanced encryption algorithm, and it will depend on one master password for the program that allows you to access all passwords for email accounts, Facebook, Skype and Twitter Viber, YouTube and other accounts on the Internet.

The method of setting a strong password depends on the length of the password characters and the number of symbols and numbers included in its composition, for example, if this word (love123456) was chosen, it is a very weak password and it is easy to guess by decoding programs, but if we enter uppercase and lowercase letters and enter symbols, it will be We have a strong password, like this one (S%ti2O4z*7q!D), but there’s a big problem with memorizing such hard passwords! That is why the KeePass Password Safe program comes into play to archive and save all passwords under one master password. You can keep it well in your mind so that you can enter the program and view all your passwords.

Password Safe also helps you to generate very long and strong passwords, and it also gives you a lot of options in generating passwords, allowing you to use all kinds of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as controlling the length and number of characters, you can use a password with more than 60 Character and symbol and saved to the Cape Pass application.

The way to use the KeepPass program in managing (Manager) and viewing your passwords is very easy, after generating the passwords for e-mail and all your accounts on the Internet, the program will organize and index them in special lists and well so that it is easy to access them, for example you save mail passwords You can also save the passwords of chat programs in a custom list of these programs, you can also use special and different images and icons for all your passwords, for example, you can use the message icon for passwords E-mail, using the Facebook icon for Facebook passwords, and so on!

The program not only generates and encrypts passwords and saves them, but you can also add the user name and the electronic link (URL) to access your account, you can open Facebook, for example, from the program directly and copy the user name and paste it in the user box and also copy the password and paste it in the box The password, the program will erase the password from the clipboard in a period of time not exceeding 12 seconds so that you cannot re-paste it again or you may be exposed to theft from the clipboard if your computer is hacked, and the process of clearing the password from the clipboard is important and necessary To protect password confidentiality from hackers.

KeePass Password Safe is a free, open-source and easy-to-use application for all categories of users. It provides you with the service of generating and keeping secret passwords. It also gives you strong security protection for all your passwords by saving them in an encrypted database (KDBX). You can only access it with the basic password of the program, which you set after installing the program. KeepPass allows you to print all passwords through the printer and save them in a safe place in your home or workplace. It is also compatible with the latest Windows systems and is light in weight and consumes With a small amount of processor and memory resources, you can now download the KeepPass program and use it on your computer to save passwords and protect the data of your accounts on the Internet from theft for free and for life.


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