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Three-dimensional chat program for computer and mobile, Amphio is a unique free application that helps you to meet and chat with foreigners in a three-dimensional social environment in a more than enjoyable way full of enthusiasm, through which characters and places are embodied in three-dimensional graphics in order to increase interaction with the people you talk to via The Internet, as if you are communicating with them in a real meeting, but in the virtual world, you can control your actions, the quality of dress and your external appearance, as well as you can choose the type of place where you want to meet with your friends or new people of different nationalities you want to get to know, and there are many possibilities for chatting such as cafes Restaurants, cafeterias, public squares, parks or the seaside, etc., you can also log into group chat rooms that include hundreds of strangers around the world in order to meet and make new friends, in addition to that you can open your own room and invite your friends to it, and you can also correspond online instant.

Amview program has a modern, multi-language and easy-to-use interface, through which you can chat online in an interactive environment with 3D graphics that simulate the real world, so that once you register a new membership, you will be given free credit to buy clothes and many personal items that you may need in the virtual world, You can carefully choose the shape of your avatar that reflects your personality so that you look well and elegant in front of friends, as well as you can choose the type of clothes and shoes that you prefer, in addition to the possibility of choosing the type of hairstyle, eye color, glasses and many accessories for decoration, you can also choose the type of pet you prefer To accompany you while chatting in the virtual three-dimensional world, and the most beautiful of that is that you can at any time go shopping to buy new supplies, the program also provides you with a matching system that helps you find individuals with characters that match your personality in order to identify them.

The program provides you with thousands of chat rooms classified according to people’s interests, languages ​​and traditions, so that you can learn several information about the chat rooms that you want to join, such as rating, language and the name of the person who created them, knowing that there is a search engine that greatly helps you in searching for rooms Chat that matches your interests with the language you are fluent in. The program also includes a long list of movements and behaviors that you can do during the conversation period, such as raising your hands, clapping, laughing, the way you sit, and other things.

IMVU is a fun chatting application that focuses on simulating the real world by presenting many beautiful characters and scenes that are embodied in 3D graphics, to give more interaction when chatting between people who meet in this virtual world through The internet, especially since you can watch the scenes from all angles with the ability to zoom in on the scenes, you can also share and exchange photos and music with friends, in addition to the ability to determine the status of your connection to others such as available, busy or offline, the program provides you with accurate statistics about the number of connected people At that moment, as well as the number of countries they belong to, so it is an opportunity to get acquainted with new people and learn many languages, in conclusion, according to our short experience of this distinctive application on Windows 10, we found it easy to deal with its functions, although it contains a few ads, but they Unobtrusive, it may also require beginners some training in order to get used to it, you can now download the program Amphio and use it on your computer for free 3D chatting and so long Hey.


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