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Magical photo editing program for the computer, Image Magic is a simple, free, open-source application that helps you to modify images in an easy and fast way, especially for beginners. You can adjust the size of images in the sizes you want, in addition to the ability to rotate images in both directions, left or right, at an angle of 90° and above, as well as you can Flip images horizontally or vertically, which makes it easier for you to reverse your images and correct the orientation, you can also rotate and fold images so that they look different and attractive, and you can change the corners of images to become diagonally, there is also another tool that allows you to crop images, so that you can cut Image edges and scaling, allowing you to remove some of the parts of images that are on the edges.

ImageMagic has a classic intuitive interface that is easy to use, and includes a few and limited number of basic tools with which you can make quick adjustments to your images without wasting a lot of time and effort, so if you are looking for a way to reduce the size of your images in pixels or percentages you can in This is a case of dependence on this application, also if you have some upside-down photos that you took recently with your digital camera, you can easily rotate the photos at the angle you want, and you can also reverse the orientation of the photos vertically or horizontally, the program also offers you the function of cropping and cutting photos, so that you can By using the mouse, select a specific area on the image to cut it with the push of a button. In addition, you can preview the images through the printer before printing them, and this provides you with a real preview to see how the images look when printed, because there are many people who fall into the problem of printing images directly. To be surprised later after the printing is finished that the images were not completely printed and there are missing parts, especially on the edges.

It is worth noting that there is a wide range of distinctive functions that the program provides for people working on Mac and Linux systems, such as converting images, writing on images, displaying images, improving lighting and colors on images, etc., and it also supports image modification on the command prompt without the need As for Windows, it provides very limited functionality that we mentioned in detail at the beginning of this topic.

ImageMagick is one of the free graphics applications that still needs a lot of development, specially designed to become the simplest tool accessible to all categories of users to modify images without having any prior experience in this field, especially as it is open source, which means anyone A developer can participate in the development of this application, it is available on Mac, Linux and Windows, perhaps in the future the graphical user interface will be improved and other new functions added, such as writing on images, adjusting color, etc., the program is lightweight and consumes a minimum of processor and memory resources, you can Now download ImageMagic and use it on your computer to edit photos for free and for life.


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