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The program to know the specifications of the computer in detail, Hueninfo is a free application that helps you to diagnose the components of the device in order to know the specifications of the graphics card and the specifications of the RAM, as well as knowing the specifications of the motherboard and processor and other parts, which allows you to see the capabilities of your computer that you recently purchased from The market, knowing that the efficiency of these components included in the installation of the computer is of great importance in determining the speed of data processing and the ability to accommodate the operation of games and huge programs that need a powerful processor, large memory capacity and an effective cooling system, for this you need the HWiNFO application to develop and replace computer components In a proper manner without any conflict in performance.

The Hueninfo program has a neat and easy to use interface, once it is run on Windows, it checks and diagnoses all the basic computer parts, such as the CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, sound card, USB ports and graphics card, after the diagnosis, which may take In a few seconds, the program will fetch and display all the specifications of the computer, so that through a side menu you can move between the components of the computer and display full details, for example you can know the type of processor, frequency, number of cores, as well as knowing the temperature of the processor and voltage and other technical matters You can also know the specifications of the motherboard, such as the type of motherboard and the type of slots available, as well as knowing the USB version number that the motherboard supports, in addition to knowing the BIOS version UEFI number and the date of its last update, you can also reveal the specifications of the RAM or the random memory card, such as knowing the size of the memory card. RAM and frequencies, as well as knowing the time period or speed of passing data between the processor unit and the RAM, and the latter is one of the very important things that must always be taken into account when buying RAM.

The HWiNFO program provides you with the ability to know the specifications of the graphics card or the graphics card as some call it, so that you can read all the data related to the type of graphics card, the manufacturer, the speed of the graphic processor and the size of the internal memory, in addition to that you can know the specifications of the wired and wireless network card Wi-Fi, as well as the type sound card, and there are many other information that may be of interest to many people and developers.

The program also gives you a summary through which all device specifications are displayed in a concise manner in one window as shown in the second image below. You can also save this data on your computer in XML, HTML or in the form of a text file in order to share your device specifications with friends on Communication sites, the program also includes a sensor to monitor and measure the processor temperature for all cores, as well as measure the voltage of the processor for each core separately, in addition to measuring the speed of the processor’s frequencies and measuring the percentage of the amount of resources used.

HWiNFO is one of the best free tools and solutions for revealing computer specifications in detail, especially as it is available for all 32-bit and 64-bit devices, so the application comes with the names HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 and is also available in a portable version that does not require you to install it on the Windows system, You can just download it on a flash drive and run it on any other computer with one click, in addition to being a lightweight application and does not consume processor and memory resources compared to other applications available in the market that lead to the same purpose, there are also some great functions that allow you to update computer definitions for free , as well as updating the BIOS system, for this we recommend it to all people who are looking for an easy and fast way to view the specifications of the computer in detail without wasting a lot of time, you can now download the Hueninfo program to know the full specifications of the hardware components for free and for life.


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