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The program for drawing equations and mathematical functions graphically in a homogeneous orthogonal teacher, Geogebra is a free application that helps you learn algebraic geometry and solve mathematical equations and represent them in a geometric graph. Linear and algebraic equations (polynomial), exponential and logarithmic equations, you can reach point coordinates through which the graph of various mathematical equations is drawn. With mathematical calculations and solving the equation and arriving at point coordinates that are set on a homogeneous orthogonal parameter to draw the graph by connecting these points and obtaining a geometric graph of different shapes, you can also convert the two-dimensional graph to a three-dimensional graph easily.

The program provides you with several shapes, lines and geometric graphics that you can apply and draw on the orthogonal and homogeneous parameter according to the mathematical equation for this graph. You can also save the graph as a web page in HTML format, you can also print the graph via the printer device, GeoGebra allows you to perform calculations on the graph such as measuring lines, axes and angles, calculating conic sections, arcs and curves, also you can Performing mathematical calculations represented in the process of addition, subtraction and multiplication, you can also use all kinds of mathematical constants used in mathematical equations, numerical analysis and algebra, the program is lightweight and compatible with all versions of Windows systems.

GeoGebra is one of the most powerful free and open-source applications that allows students, teachers, and professors to learn or teach various geometric forms and mathematical operations. You can apply various algebraic equations and matrices and represent them in graphs in several simple steps. The program provides you with access to various Drawing tools, which is available in several international languages, is light on the system and does not consume a lot of processor and random memory resources. You can now download the GeoGebra program and use it on your computer to calculate mathematical equations and engineering graphs for free and for life.


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