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Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime APK

Gangstar Vegas is a third person shooter action game. You play as an aspiring MMA champion. Framed by the mafia, you should let off steam at the fighting event of the year. You just became the most wanted man in town. In a place where crime is everywhere, you must hold onto your gun and take part in the wildest mafia wars ever.

It’s a game that runs and talks like Grand Theft Auto, but falls nowhere near the series it’s trying to copy and pretend. Gangstar Vegas looks good and has its moments of excitement but keeping San Andreas in mind if you’re a fan then Gangstar Vegas is almost there but not really that.

gameplay and story

In Gangstar Vegas you play as MMA fighter Chris. A burly man with a snake on the back of his jacket starts the game by spectacularly missing a fight.

After a brief introduction and a few missions explaining how things work, you’ll be on your own in Sin City.

A stick on the left side of the screen moves Jason around, while the buttons on the left let you punch, shoot at people and, when the time is right, steal cars.

A map at the top left of the screen shows the points of interest. Some are story missions, others are side scenes that serve to fill up the game and introduce you to the different mechanics. Same as in GTA Vice City.

Game Expectations (Kicks and Punches)

Most of the missions involve violence and killing to complete them and advance to the next level. You will hit people, kick people and shoot people. All because you owe a vague loyalty debt to an alcoholic woman who starts out as the main boss. However, if you just want a fighting game, give it a try Tekken 3.

While Gangstar Vegas has attempted to shed its predecessor’s nonsensically gritty overtones. It has failed miserably to strike a balance between chaos and empathy, thwarted at every turn by a control system that flaps uselessly when it needs to be strong and reliable.

Battles are little more than button-pressing competitions, with no button available to block or dodge. Gunfights are simple shooting galleries that stagger from one location to the next. At least a simple tap-to-aim system keeps things fast.

In Gangstar Vegas, you accidentally jump off the edge of a bridge you’re trying to sprint over, or drive cars into tight corners and spend minutes trying to maneuver them out. And never once will you smile at the meaningless, hollow destruction you have inflicted on a self-regenerating city.

So if you’re a big fan of San Andreas and Vice City games and don’t have time to play on a console, then Gangstar Vegas, with all its violence and freedom, can be your handy retreat. Give your inner beast time to please by killing half-naked women.

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