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The program for creating mind maps and drawing diagrams, Free Plan is a free application that helps you design mind maps and diagrams to jot down your own ideas and projects, you can create a comprehensive map and diagram showing the data and stages that you will follow in your new project in an organized manner, you can also draw diagrams for educational studies and distribute them to students Free Plan has a neat and easy-to-use interface, through which you can create Mind Map and draw a graph for your upcoming projects on the computer, by inserting many elements, shapes, and illustrations into the map, so that you can add squares, text circles, draw arrows and lines You can also use various signs, symbols, numbers, flags and smiley emoticons, and you can also include colorful dialog clouds in multiple forms, and you can control the style of texts that you write, such as controlling the type, color and size of the font, You can also change the background color of the maps with several different colors.

The program provides you with the use of some ready-made templates to create high-level mind maps in simple steps, so that you can write down all the ideas and data and organize them in the form of mental diagrams in a graphic so that it is easy for you to study and apply them easily or make some changes to them, and the program also allows you to set a password to protect the maps And your charts from unauthorized modification, after you finish creating the maps and charts, you can preview and print them via the printer device or you can save the maps to the computer in HTML, JPEG, XML, XLS and other formats, the program is stable and compatible with all versions of Windows.

Freeplane mind map editor program is one of the free solutions available for all categories of users to create and create complex mind maps and drawing diagrams and educational maps to organize ideas and information and clarify them for individuals in a simple way, the program provides you with a wide range of options and contains a side menu that includes all elements and shapes You need to create your schematics very quickly, and you can include notes and tips that you want to convey to users in an attractive and understandable way, you can also draw your mental schematics for your future projects and review them constantly before starting to materialize them, the program requires a high amount of processor and memory resources to function properly, and also It needs experience to deal with it and this happens through continuous practice, you can now download Free Plan and use it on your computer to draw and create mind maps for free and for life.


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