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Photo editing program, adding effects and installing frames around photos, Photo is a free application that helps you edit and modify photos and apply many effects and improvements to photos, also you can merge a group of photos into one photo in different arrangement and shapes, you can install various beautiful frames on photos and also you can adjust the intensity of Lighting and the degree of color contrast according to the seasons, in addition to the ability to enlarge and reduce the size of a group of images at once, add a watermark to images and write texts, the Futur program has a simple and easy-to-use main interface that contains three tools to modify digital images with the click of a button. The first tool is A tool for editing and improving images, coordinating colors and lighting, adding several effects to images in different ways, and also removing the red mark from the eye. You can compare the modified image with the original image to notice the difference after the modification process. You can also write explanations and texts and control the transparency of text on images, in addition to misleading and marginalizing The edges of the pictures and the installation of attractive frames in various shapes.

The second tool is the merging and installation of a group of images into one image through several pre-made patterns and templates, so that you can select a group of favorite images and add them to the program and choose the order in which the images are coordinated and installed together, as well as you can change the background to several beautiful shapes and patterns In addition to the ability to install images randomly and attractively with the addition of a lot of effects, the third tool is to adjust the size of images, add a watermark, add frames, and apply various effects to a large group of images at once and with one click of the mouse, the program contains a lot of beautiful and ready-made effects To apply it directly to your favorite digital photos and save them on the computer with high definition quality, the program is also lightweight, responsive and compatible with all Windows systems.

Fotor is a unique and free tool available to all categories of users. It has been carefully designed to add some beautiful touches and effects to images, with the aim of improving images and making them look better and clearer, in addition to the art of collage and decorating images in various frames before printing, You can edit and modify photos and share them with friends directly over the Internet through social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and the photo-sharing site Flickr. Your computer to edit and add effects to photos for free and for life.


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