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Flickr APK

Flickr is an online app for sharing images and videos around the world. People can upload their videos or pictures and share them with friends and family or other people who follow them.

Users can install flickr on their Android phones, iPads and iPods from the App Store. First you need to create your account Register with your email address. You will receive your confirmation email, after confirmation of which your account will be activated.

You can sign in to Flickr with both your Yahoo address and your Google account. After you sign up, create your profile and write a short bio. SSelect your profile picture, then go to settings and set your own Flickr web address. After setting the profile, click the “OK” button. You can also preview your flickr profile. BBut once you’re done with your flickr web address, you can’t change it later, so make sure it’s desirable and correct.

Now you can share your pictures and videos with other people who are already on Flickr. You can create different groups and set privacy to make them public or private. You can also follow other users or photographers. As it is mainly used by professional photographers.

Create photo albums with Flickr

Users can create their “photo albums” to save their photos in collection form. You can share entire albums with other users. There is also a gallery feature in your account where you can save your images as well as other users’ images or videos up to a certain limit. If you find any problem using the app, visit us Flickr Help Center To get help.

There is a star button under each picture. You can make it your favorite picture by clicking this button. You can also edit images and organize them to your liking. You can also import your contact lists from Gmail or Facebook etc. to see the people who are on Flickr. With a free account, there is a limit to store up to 1000 images and videos at a time, but if a user wants unlimited storage space, they need to upgrade to a pro account.

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