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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is the new JRPG game set in the Final Fantasy universe. In this game, players will see some of the key elements from the world of Brave Frontier; the previous game of A-Lim.

The FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS offers players the opportunity to play with 3 different characters; Fina, Rain and Lasswell, but the game starts with only 2 characters. Along with these 3 characters, the player can unveil many new heroes and move through the storyline. Among these numerous heroes, one can see heroes from other Final Fantasy games such as Sabin, Vivi, Shadow and Terra.

The combat system of this version of Final Fantasy is the same as that of all other games in the franchise, but a little simpler. When it is a player’s turn, they decide what a character will do, e.g. B. attack, use magic or defend others. There is also the auto button that allows the player to finish the simple combat missions quickly. For more information on gameplay, see rubber Helpshift.


  • FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is a simple battle strategy game with interactive battles. You have to tap the screen to attack. In order to overwhelm the opponents in a strategic maneuver, you have to combine their magical abilities.
  • The game offers players the opportunity to experience the HD CD animations from previous Final Fantasy franchises.
  • Players must search the fields and compete in the dungeons. You have to move your characters through these dangerous dungeons and fields looking for special items, hidden paths and unique routes to reach the goal.
  • Talk to the townsfolk to receive their quests in FINAL FANTASY. Completing the NPC quests will be rewarded with items, rare items, and gil.
  • There are also PVP arena battles to play in. The player can fight against other online players to reach the top. You can take your strongest lineup of heroes to compete against others to win prizes.

To attempt Final Fantasy VII also with similar features.

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