Explanation of the use of the program FastStone Capture Free Download 2022

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a program FastStone One of the programs used to take important snapshots from the computer screen in the form of pictures and edit them, as well as shoot a video screen with ease and save them in high quality on the computer. Also, choose from the standard dimensions within the program, and we review with you on our computer programs about all the features and features of the program by taking screenshots and pictures of the screen displayed for Windows and saving them on the computer.
FastStone Capture

First, you must download the program, as we reviewed in a previous topic:
After downloading and installing the program, you must now open it, and the simple interface will appear as in the figure, which states that you can start taking a screenshot by pressing the PrtSc button on the keyboard or the print screen, and here is an explanation of this interface.

FastStone Capture
1- Opening an image or file on your computer.
2- It is a multi-tool for how to take pictures from the computer screen and it is for the windows that are working on the screen now.
3 – It specializes in taking certain parts of the screen that you select manually.
4 – It is to take a screenshot of the entire screen, and when you click on it, you must press the left button of the mouse to clear the window completely, and when it is finished, the snapshot must be stopped using the ESC button.
5- This tool enables you to photograph an entire square of the screen that you select.
6- It is a tool for recording video from open windows on the computer and making explanations.
7 – This tool is to extract what has been implemented and export it to files such as excel, printer, or word file.
FastStone Capture
And now after taking a screenshot, another window will appear with you, and in order to save the images, you must click on save and choose the type of image and place to save it on your computer.
FastStone Capture

From this window, you can modify the images, such as Save As, or change the image size via Resize, or from the keyboard through the Ctrl+R button.
As for crop, it is to select a specific part of the image that was captured and cut, and Cut is to cut parts of the image and paste it into another image.
You can also export the image to a PDF file using tools and choosing the first option, convert image to pdf.

In the end, we hope that the explanation of the FastStone program, the screenshot part, has helped you.

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