Explanation of the operation of the LINE 2019 free calls program on the computer Free Download 2022

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a program Line One of the most prominent free programs that enable you to communicate with your friends in your country or anywhere around the world through voice and text chat, as well as making free instant calls, through the program you can create a group from a group of friends and conduct chat and discussions in one place And everyone in the group can view the content of the messages sent, whether they are texts, voice notes, video recording, or a group of photos related to a specific event, and the program works on mobile phones running Android and IOS, as well as after the impressive success of these programs in Voice calls and text chats. A copy of the program is available on Windows and computers, and it works efficiently and you can call anyone, whether he uses a mobile phone or a computer, provided he has a good internet connection, which enables you to hear the content of the calls in a sound and clear manner.

Explanation of dealing with the LINE program:
Line program works directly after installing it on the computer, download the program Download line In order to be able to work on the program, you must create an account or register with an existing account. You can also create a new account through the program interface that appears in the following image. Through Sign up, you will be asked to enter the phone number and the country.

LINE 2016
Enter your country and your correct phone number because a message will be sent to your phone containing the activation numbers after placing it in picture No. 2, as in the following picture, you have finished setting up and creating the account.
LINE 2016
Choose to register a new account, as specified in the pictures, and the program will ask you to enter the password twice, register your account and press NEXT to reach the final stage of registering your account, including choosing the user name and activating the account via the personal email as will be explained In the following pictures.
LINE 2016

After choosing your photos and username, log in to DONE and the program will be asked to enter your personal email in order to be registered with it, and after entering your personal email, you will find a message on the email that must be activated, so that the Line program works properly on your personal computer.
LINE 2016

After this step, the program will work properly, from which you can manage your personal account and call your friends anywhere around the world, with voice and image, and the ease of adding friends to the program, and communicating through a chat box, sending and receiving personal pictures.

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