Explanation of changing the settings and password of our router Free Download 2022

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Today, through our website, we present one of the most important topics that Internet users are looking for, whether home or commercial. Today, we discuss how to change and adjust the settings of the WE router, which acquired the famous company TI Data inside Egypt, which offers many offers on the landline for easy internet entry, as well as The many offers on the Internet for home and business companies.

We offer many different versions of the router, including: ZXHNH168N, Huawei HG532 and zxhn h108n versions,HG531 V1 The way to adjust router settings, change passwords, and the number of users of your Internet is no different Get username and password One of the most important basics after connecting a landline phone and subscribing to the Internet service from Telecom Egypt, and today we will discuss how to obtain a protected WiFi network with a strong secret number to prevent intruders and hackers from using the network.

we router

The steps for setting the router and the network password are as follows:
– Make sure that your router is connected to the electrical socket and make sure that the router is turned on by the power button and make sure that the LED of the power button is lit.
– Ensure that the landline telephone cable is connected directly to the router, or if the splitter is used, there is a wire for the landline phone and the other a wire for the router.
Press the WLAN button on the router and make sure that the WLAN lamp is lit in the event that the settings are set through the laptop or using the Ethernet cable to connect directly to the laptop without the need for wlan.
– Make sure to type the address http://: inside the Google Chrome browser or another browser and the following window will appear.


– Press Proceed to unsafe and continue to enter the settings to solve the problem and enter the router directly.

Another window appears that requires you to enter the password and the network name, knowing that the password is behind the router, and you must enter the following data
Username: admin
Password: behind the router
we router

Then you can enter the router settings directly by pressing the . button Basic at the top left of the screen and pressing the wlan button, and there are many options, including the possibility of changing the network name, controlling the number of network users, and changing the password or password for the router, as clearly shown below

we router setting

SSID: You can change the name of your network
Maximum number of accessing devices: Specify the number of users in one network and the ability to operate many networks with a certain number of users.
Security: Choose the type of encryption to prevent intruders from using the network
WPA pre-shared key: Type your password, preferably a strong password consisting of letters + numbers and signs
WPA encryption: make it TKIP + AES

The image shows the password and user name to access the router settings, and it differs from one device to another, so you should try this explained method only.

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