Explain how to restore deleted files from the recycle bin on the computer Free Download 2022

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The use of the computer varies from one person to another, or in the sense from a company to individuals or personal use, so we find that the hard disk in computers is one of the most important parts of the computer, through which you can save your files, whether they are documents, media files, important programs, or watching videos Send an e-mail, so every computer contains a lot of important files stored on it that cannot be dispensed with and that we need on a daily basis and which are very important for the user, and the biggest problem occurs when these files are deleted from the computer incorrectly from the basket Trash, i.e. permanent deletion from the computer by mistake, and there is no backup copy of these files on the computer, and here begins the journey of searching for a way to recover deleted files from the computer and the possibility of recovering them, and in this case we may be able to recover these files, and sometimes not We can finally, and in this topic, we will explain how to recover these files, whether they have been permanently deleted or through the Recycle Bin.

First: Restore files that are already in the Recycle Bin:
– Go to the recycle bin through the desktop and you will find many existing files that have not been permanently deleted from the computer, select these files and then press the right mouse button and choose Restore and the deleted files will be returned to the place from which they were deleted .

Second: Restore files that have been permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin:

– In this case, you will not find many solutions in front of you, but to download one of the programs to help restore deleted files from your computer, which will be mentioned in this topic, and it is like a program recuva .

The Recuva program is one of the easiest programs used to recover deleted files from the computer. Through the program, you can work on restoring files such as programs, games, movies, audio, and images by Recuva and Stmss. The program is easy to use and quickly obtains the files that have been deleted, but in Sometimes the program will not be able to recover these files and return them to the computer again.

do Search for lost files from your computer Select the type of files you want to recover, whether they are images, RAR compressed files, MP3 audio files, and video files and press the Recover button.
Here is the explanation as in the following pictures, after downloading the program from the given link, click on Next.

Select the place you want to recover files that have been deleted from the hard disk, and let’s choose the Recycle Bin or a place on the hard disk.

Click on Start to begin recovering permanently deleted files from the hard disk.
Download Recuva from here Download recuva

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